MHP The benefits of vacuum forming are clear Our skilled toolmakers utilise the latest computer aided manufacturing software Transit trays from MHP are environmentally friendly and contribute towards cost efficiency Milling

Vacuum Forming Equipment

MHP have been experts in vacuum forming and its various methods, for a number of years.

The flexibility of vacuum forming is clear, as are cost effectiveness and speed of production. Prototypes can be produced quickly and accurately before full production tooling.

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MHP has invested in the latest software and hardware enabling all modelling to be carried out by our own skilled engineers/designers.
Advanced CAD/CAM is available using Delcam Power range of products.

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A wide range of markets are served within the plastic processing sectors including tooling for :-

Tool Making

  • Vacuum Forming Tools Cast/Machined.
  • Injection Mould Tools - Specialists in Alum Tooling.
  • Structural Foam Tools.
  • Reaction Injection Moulding.
  • Blow Mould Tools.
  • Compression Mould Tools.
  • EPS Tooling.

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MHP have been producing patterns using traditional methods for over 40 years by employing skilled craftsmen. This base of traditional skill has been merged with modern technology using CAD CAM and 5 axis routing to achieve the best products for our customers.

Below are details of some tooling processes which have benefited from this fusion using 5 axis routing, along with the traditional skill of time served pattern makers.

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Key Requirements and the Advantages of MHP Transit Trays

Transit Trays

Since transit trays are critical packaging elements for protecting your products or components, you will want them reliable, environmentally friendly and able to contribute to cost and efficiency improvements.

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At MHP we will work with you to produce the best solution.


We produce various types of plastic packaging from Blisters to Transit Trays. We have invested in fully automatic form and stack machines for thin gauge formings, such as carton inserts, blisters, clampacks and disposable trays.

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MHP specialise in the design and manufacture of visually striking bespoke point of sale displays.

Our design teams will listen to your ideas and implement all your requirements whilst producing a practical and cost effective solution.

As creative led manufacturers we also ensure your point of purchase displays look as good on paper as they do once they are manufactured and installed in store, producing displays that work.

Displays can be produced by way of either vacuum forming, injection moulding or fabrication utilising plastic, wood and metal.

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