Transit Trays

Key Requirements and the Advantages of MHP Transit Trays

Transit Trays

Since transit trays are critical packaging elements for protecting your products or components, you will want them reliable, environmentally friendly and able to contribute to cost and efficiency improvements.

Plastic transit trays from MHP are purpose-designed to house your products or components and can be:

  • For single or multi-use
  • Lightweight and self-stacking
  • Manufactured to be stackable during use or nestable for storage
  • Flexible - i.e, protective, or useful simply as logistical aids
  • Resistant to oil and chemicals

MHP Transit Trays help you meet ISO9002 Requirements


They are also recyclable and so do not waste energy (by making and disposing of single-trip wooden or cardboard packaging), and can therefore help you meet ISO 9002 requirements.

Investing in the quality plastic trays MHP provides means:

  • Better collation
  • Easier handling of awkward components
  • Fewer breakages in transit
  • Better stock control
  • Reduced space and shipping costs
  • Less packaging waste

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