Tool Making

A wide range of markets are served within the plastic processing sectors including tooling for :-

Tool Making

  • Vacuum Forming Tools Cast/Machined.
  • Injection Mould Tools - Specialists in Alum Tooling.
  • Structural Foam Tools.
  • Reaction Injection Moulding.
  • Blow Mould Tools.
  • Compression Mould Tools.
  • EPS Tooling.

Tool Making High WycombeMoulds are produced both from castings and machined from solid, or a combination of both.

The CAD and CAM facility is used extensively in this market, working with designers and processors to achieve the best result.

Our skilled toolmakers utilise the latest Computer-Aided Manufacturing software to output CNC data direct from your computer aided design model.

We work closely with you to ensure any technical issues are resolved prior to manufacturing the tooling thus ensuring a smooth transition from concept to production.

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