Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming Equipment

MHP have been experts in vacuum forming and its various methods, for a number of years.

The flexibility of vacuum forming is clear, as are cost effectiveness and speed of production. Prototypes can be produced quickly and accurately before full production tooling.

Vacuum Formed Products

We produce Vacuum Formings for a wide variety of requirements from Packaging, Engineering Formings and Medical Enclosures, to safety products.

MHP have invested heavily in the finest available equipment, operated by a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

We have installed CNC Routers allowing for 5 axis machining on vacuum formed parts, producing consistent parts time after time.

We are an environmentally aware company, committed to using recycled materials when suitable, recycling where possible and reducing waste through accurate production methods and carefully considered manufacturing.

By reducing waste we reduce our overheads. Thus giving us a competitive edge.

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