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  • MHP Industries Limited

    Vacuum formers and toolmakers to the plastics industry since 1972
  • Vacuum Forming

    Vaccum forming is cost-effective and prototypes can be produced quickly and accurately prior to full production.
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing Software

    Our skilled engineers will turn your ideas and designs into reality.
  • Transit Trays

    Vacuum formed transit trays from MHP help you meet ISO9002 requirements.
  • Toolmaking

    Skilled toolmakers utilise the latest computer-aided manufacturing software.
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Patterns, Prototypes & Models

Patterns Prototypes+Models

MHP have been producing patterns using traditional methods for over 40 years by employing skilled craftsmen.

This base of traditional skill has been merged with modern technology using CAD CAM and 5 axis routing to achieve the best products for our customers.

Below are details of some tooling processes which have benefited from this fusion using 5 axis routing, along with the traditional skill of time served pattern makers.

Foundry Patterns

Produced from wood metal or model board these are used for the production of Ferrous and Non-ferrous castings. Patterns can be produced for one-off requirements to full production plated patterns and fully automated disematic production.

Traditional patterns

From wood, metal or plastic from one off to production plated patterns and disematics

Proto Vac Tools

Wood or model board vac tooling is used for design and development.

Resin Vac Tools

Used for short to medium production runs.

Cast Alum Compression Moulds

Used for moulding speed ramps etc.

Cast Alum Blow Mould Tooling

Low-cost tooling for blow moulding.

EPS Tooling

Produced directly from CAD data or from drawing supplied.


Models produced by hand or CAD/CAM from a variety of materials.

Jigs and Fixtures

Drill jigs, router fixtures, suitable for all CNC routing machines.

Cast Alum Vac Tools

For long-running production, tools can be fitted with water cooling or heating as required.

Cast Alum Rim Tools

Low-cost resin injection mould tooling

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming SML

Vacuum forming involves heating sheet plastic to 'forming temperature' which is then stretched and forced into a mold by a vacuum to create a 3D object.

Vacuum Forming

Industrial Packaging & Transit Trays

Transit Trays SML

MHP produce environmentally friendly, vacuum formed plastic trays to your bespoke design to keep your products and components safe and secure during transit.

Transit Trays

5 Axis Routing

5 Axis Routing

5 Axis routing is ideal for the production of complex parts. Using CNC a cutting tool can be moved along 5 different axes simultaneously.

5 Axis Routing

Tool Making

Toolmaking SML

Custom designed tools and moulds are generally developed for higher volume manufacturing. Using CAD and CAM technologies our designers and processors can achieve high-quality results.


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering SML

Operated by skilled technicians our 3D scanners capture the required data to produce accurate results at various stages of product design.

Reverse Engineering

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